I enjoy re-blogging my favorite movies and other forms of art work for wonderful inspiration! I also post my own art work on here. Right now I have a thing for The Hobbit...I regret nothing!
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omg I didn’t realize that, I love this scene 100x more now

#okay but the movie is literal perfection when you realize #95% of the time he still thinks he’s little bitty shit!steve #but yeah no THIS SCENE IN PARTICULAR #also we don’t see the fight because its probably laughable #Steve still trying to stop punches with his goddamn face #only it works this time #aLSO THOSE TWO SECONDS BEFORE HE SEES THE GUARDS #HE’S ALL LIKE #’FUCK YEAH THREE POINT LANDI—oh fuck’ (tags via bluandorange)

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Today in Middle-Earth: The Company eats the last of their food at supper, and Bilbo climbs a tree (August 20th, 2941 T.A.)

“Is there no end to this accursed forest?” said Thorin. “Somebody must climb a tree and see if he can get his head above the roof and have a look round. The only way is to choose the tallest tree that overhangs the path.”

Of course “somebody” meant Bilbo.